Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 45 - The British Museum and Bangers and Mash

The British Museum on Russell St
Today we decided to visit the British Museum.  The place is huge and impossible to cover in one day, let alone hours.  We took lots of pictures, of course, but I'm going to have to add them tomorrow along with a mention of the eight or so exhibits that we visited out of the 30 or more available to see.  I did go back and add some photos to yesterday's post, but I have more to add, especially regarding the boat cruise, dinner, Dirty Dancing and all the Halloween characters we saw wandering about Leicester Square.

While at the museum, hubby and I lost track of each other for about a half hour.  It was a lift versus left instruction one of the room monitors gave us.  He could tell we were struggling, so he told us there were stairs and a lift on the left.  Hubby heard only stairs on the left and I heard "lift."  So, he went ahead and took the stairs while I continued to look at the counterfeit pound coins they'd confiscated back in 2011.  When I was done with that, I looked for hubby, didn't find him, so I followed in the lift.  Unfortunately, since I didn't immediately show up, he sat down on the stairs to wait for me, while I waited for him in the Great Court.  We intended to head over to the Hutton Soo exhibit, so I headed over there, no hubby.  Not sure what to do, I took the lift back to where we'd lost each other and sat down to wait.  He climbed the stairs again, cursing me all the way, then called out to me when he saw me, not a happy camper at all.

When we discovered how we lost each other, it was rather funny, though I don't think he found the situation the least bit humorous.  All humor aside, you need a phone if you lose another person in that museum.  We could have wandered about for hours and never found each other.  I informed him during my search for him that I'd found a quicker entrance to the Sutton Hoo exhibit, but that didn't appease him very much.

I'll add some pictures tomorrow, but the Sutton Hoo collection came from a ship-burial that took place in Sutton Hoo, Suffolk England, that researchers have dated occurred most likely during the early 7th century.  The find was excavated in 1939.  Sutton Hoo is considered one of the most magnificent archaeological finds in England for its size and completeness, far-reaching connections, the quality and beauty of its contents, and the profound interest of the burial ritual itself. The initial excavation was privately sponsored by the landowner, but when the significance of the find became apparent, national experts took over.

After we examined the recovered gold and took some pictures, we had both had it for the day, but made a quick stop to look at the Easter Island statue in the museum.  The building is so large, it has replicas of other buildings inside it.  After hubby took a picture of the statue, we sat down and spoke to the room monitor. Paul has been working at the museum for thirty-five years and is scheduled to retire in a couple of years.  When we asked him the best way to get back to Covent Garden, he suggested we walk.  We had taken the tube to get to the museum, but considering how long our walk was from the Russell Street tube station we decided the station earned its name simply because it was within a mile of the Russell Street museum.  Covent Garden is almost as close, and walking is cheaper.  So, we continued to talk to our guide a little longer, then took his picture, too.

Once we said good-bye, we exited through the main entrance (see photo at the top) and hoofed it back to the flat.  I immediately started to work on this blog while hubby heated up our dinner of Bangers and Mash in the microwave.  In case you're curious, Bangers and Mash are sausages and mashed potatoes in an onion gravy.  A little on the heavy side, but not bad.  Took a picture of that as well, but I will need to finish yesterday's entry and add the photos for today, tomorrow.  It is almost 1 AM here now, so I'm just about done up for the day, and "After all, tomorrow is another day."

Until tomorrow....

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