Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 17 - A Bath Day - Literally

We had a very interesting day today, and took lots of pictures, but unfortunately, the Internet connection in this flat is not as "robust" as the one in our London flat.  So, I will add pictures later.

We reached Paddington station in plenty of time and had reserved seats, so we leisurely wandered to the front of the train to carriage "C" and there were so few people we were able to spread out.

Great Western Railway train to Bath
This is basically a studio flat with a double bed, so hubby and I are going to be "close companions" tonight.

After we met our host, and became acquainted with the flat's layout (which is basically one room with a separate bath) we went for a stroll.

Hubby stopped at a local Sainsbury (grocery store) and picked up some items including a couple of Mountain Dews for me and Dr. Pepper for him.  After that we purchased tickets to see South Pacific at The Royal Theatre tomorrow night.

Bath Theatre Royal
Tickets purchased, we stopped at The Green Tree, a pub that David our landlord or host recommended.  Great place.  Had a lovely conversation with some locals, but no food.

So, we drank two pints of cider and went on to The Star, a pub that was recommended to us by some locals.

Every Friday night at The Star, they have musicians come in to play Celtic music.  We also thought we could get some food to help balance out all the cider we'd been consuming (in England cider has a significant alcohol content that can vary from 6 to 8%).  They did have some pre-packaged sandwiches to offer, so we opted for a ham and cheese with pickles on a cob (a roll of sorts).  Different.  Sandwich and new ciders in hand, we sat down to join some locals.  Again the conversation was great, but the food wasn't quite enough to counteract the alcohol we had consumed.  So, the two of us got pleasantly snockered.  The music was really good, and we enjoyed the company which included a small Bichon Frise dog who joined us along with his master.

I am definitely puppy deprived, so I wanted as much doggie time with "Biggles" as I could get. Rich got to sit next to the small dog, leaving me very jealous.  The crowd grew more boisterous as time went on, and "Biggles" grew a little insecure over the increased noise. So, his "daddy" took him home.  After that, we chose to leave, at least very shortly after that.

We wove our way back to the flat and we're now settling in for the night.  It is late, so I will need to add pictures after we return to London.  In the meantime, I hope all of you have a good night.  We certainly did.

NB: Pictures have been added

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