Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 19 - Last Day in Bath, Back to London

Today, we finished our tour of Bath and returned to London.  I ended up taking notes on the Hop On/Hop Off bus today, but I want to verify some of the things they reported before I try and report them here.  Anyway, while we waited for our train to arrive, we noticed there were several other people on the quay waiting for the same train, which didn't bode well for us.  We quickly discovered Great Western Railroad had oversold the train back to London, so many people had to stand for the trip, which made moving through the aisle with luggage a trace more difficult on our return trip than it was on our trip out.

We did sit with a lovely English couple, who were also major theatre goers and had been at same performance of South Pacific that we attended last night.  We talked about other places to see, great places to eat and favorite TV shows.  Made the trip a lot quicker.

Once we returned to London Paddington, we faced our most important decision of the day.  Do we return by bus or tube?  The tube was right in front of us, and even though we had to change trains twice and walk up and down a hundred steps, we decided to go for the tube, primarily because we had no idea where to pick up the bus.  We could have gone out and looked around, but that would have a bit riskier in the long run.  So, we went for the safer bet.

So, now we've unpacked, eaten dinner and started a load of laundry.  Scotland tends to be colder than England (currently it is 17 degrees centigrade in Edinburgh vs. 20 degrees in London or 62.6 vs. 68 degrees Fahrenheit).  So, we're planning to pack clothing that's a little warmer.

Added pictures to Friday's post, and I'm going to call it a night tonight.  More tomorrow.

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