Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 21 - Edinburgh or Bust

Kings Cross Station
We made it to Kings Cross in plenty of time to grab our sandwiches and take some pictures.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Kings Cross is the site of Platform 9 and three-quarters in the Harry Potter stories.  What we didn't realize is that they've set up a photo opportunity so you can have your picture taken as you attempt to charge through the wall with a house scarf floating out behind you.

Platform 9 and 3/4
They offer an assortment of scarves to match the Hogwart houses, although everyone we saw selected the Griffindor scarf.  And that's Hedwig's cage on the top of the luggage.  Hedwig has already made it through the wall.  The queue was long to get your picture taken, and most of those in line were young women.  They suggest you look as if you are running, but this young lady appears to be taking a leisurely stroll.

Our train to Edinburgh
After watching about ten young ladies charge through the wall, we headed for our train.  It's a five hour ride.  We tried to keep an eye out for Hadrian's Wall, but didn't catch it.  Maybe on the ride back if we can figure out when we should expect to see it.

Once we arrived in Edinburgh (pronounced Ed-in-borough) Waverly station we had to figure the best way to get out of the station to make our way to the flat.

Edinburgh Waverly Station

We stepped out onto Princes Street, and one of the first things we saw was the monument for Sir Walter Scott.  A very unique looking structure that rose above the trees.

Edinburgh is a very different city that appears to have a close affinity with stairs.

Stairs from Victoria Street to Upper Bow
  There are stairs to get from one street level to the next.

Edinburgh Royal Mile
Then more stairs to get from the sidewalk to the street, and back to the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  And over 76 stairs to get from the street to our flat.  Did I mention that we really don't care for stairs?

 Our flat is right off the Royal Mile on a small street called Upper Bow.  So small we almost missed it.

Our flat is the red door next to the white store front
So, once we caught our breath after our stair climb, we decided to go back down to the street to find something to eat.  We opted to stop at The Castle Arms.  Though they did serve Haggis, I opted for Fish and Chips, and hubby had Yorkshire pudding with sausages and mash.  Unfortunately, we didn't take our camera, or we would have provided a picture.

We're back in the flat now, and both of us are exhausted, so we're ready to settle down for the night.  Tomorrow, Edinburgh Castle and the tour bus....


  1. I wouldn't like all those stairs either. But imagine what great exercise you're getting! :P Are you going to get to see the library in Edinburgh? I understand it's quite the monument. It's something I would like to see someday. Enjoy your trip tomorrow!

  2. We did pass by the library today, but didn't go in. If I can, I'd like to go in, just to see what it looks like inside. Thanks for posting.