Saturday, September 28, 2013

Day 11 - Laundry, cleaning and bills - Oh, my!

Today was housekeeping day.  No, that's not our place.  It's Buckingham Palace from the gardens, and it has a sizable staff to keep it clean.  Back at our flat, we did some laundry using "Surf's Essential Oils," which are small purple packets that you toss into the washer.  So, toss one in we did.  Unfortunately, it turned some spots on one of my multi-colored tops (that I had taken Tide spot remover to) purple.  Not a bright purple, but they were certainly more obvious after we washed it, than before.  So, I began to get creative.  I finally used plain bar soap to remove the stains, then washed the top again without any detergent.  The stains aren't entirely gone, but at least they are no longer purple.

Then I dragged out the vacuum cleaner.  It worked very similarly to the one we used in West Ken, so no problems with it.  While doing all this productive cleaning "stuff," I worked on my blogs.  Seems we had a few issues today with links not working properly and authors posting over the stated limits.

Now, we are relaxing and watching the telly.  They still air The Weakest Link here, and Ann is still as caustic as ever.  Hubby did some shopping.  We need to print something, so he went searching for an Internet cafe that had a printer.  Unfortunately, the one we found on the Internet was now a wine and cheese shop.  So he went on a quest.  A successful one.

We had prepared meals for dinner that we heated in the microwave.  Not very exciting.  Still, I thought I'd report in, even though I had nothing good to share.  That's it until tomorrow.

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