Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 12 - A fateful Duck Tour makes its Swan Song

Currently, our small apartment looks like a Chinese laundry.  When we booked the flat, we thought it came with a washer/dryer combination.  Turns out, however, that it's just a washer, and to dry our clothes we have to hang them up and let them "air dry."  So, our laundry is now "air drying" all over the flat, hanging on door knobs and furniture handles.  Our clothes do dry fairly quickly, so that's a good thing.  Still, it wasn't exactly what we were expecting.

In regards to something I mentioned in an earlier post, when we went to Buckingham Palace on Friday, hubby caught a picture of the guard change.

Guard Change at Buckingham Palace
He was a little disappointed, since he'd been led to believe the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace was a much larger affair than what he captured on camera.  Hmm.  Perhaps it had something to do with our timing.

London Duck Tour about Town
Today we stayed in, finished our laundry and worked on computer stuff.  I had thought we might take a "Duck Tour."  It's London's only amphibious tour where you go about the city, first on land, then for a dip in the Thames as the wheels of your tour bus tuck in and the vehicle becomes a boat.

Except, we heard on the early afternoon news that one of the tour boats caught fire with 30 people aboard.  Luckily everyone was rescued and no one was seriously hurt.

Duck Tour Boat on Fire in Thames River
They are supposed to be safe.  Even the Queen took a short tour on one of them.

Queen taking a Duck Tour
Anyway, it was probably a good idea that we chose not to ride one, today at least.  Instead we left the flat around 6 PM and decided to try a pub dinner.  Fish and chips is the usual fare, but we saw The White Swan was offering a Sunday dinner of beef roast with Yorkshire pudding.  Yum

The White Swan - Covent Garden
Since, it sounded too good to pass up, we went in.  Unfortunately they were out of the beef roast by the time we arrived.  They did have a beef rib pie with green beans and mashed potatoes.  I didn't get a picture, but the one below is very similar, except instead of carrots and broccoli we had green beans.

Beef Rib Pie
The crust was very light and flaky and the beef was tender.  After we ate, we strolled about Covent Garden for a bit, then returned to the flat to watch a movie. Not much to report, but I wanted to check in.

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