Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Day 7 - I'm all for home improvement, but at 3 AM?

Not sure what our neighbors were doing last night, but they had a hammer and drill out at 3 AM.  Between their redecorating, the lorries or trucks driving past the flat and the tube rolling beneath us, sometimes it's difficult to stay asleep.  Though I am a fairly sound sleeper.

Today we're seeing the currency ex-changer.  From our many visits, we've discovered taking US Dollars and converting them over to GBP once we're here is the most cost-effective way to go.  Better than travelers checks and converting the money in the USA before we travel.  In the meantime, we tried to book a trip to the Cotswolds tomorrow (the Cotswolds are considered to be an area of outstanding natural beauty typified by rolling hills and farm fields peppered by dots of white sheep), so until we know whether or not that's a go, we can't purchase theatre tickets for tonight.  We booked the trip late last night, so we'll give them a call later to see if it went through.

On our way to Victoria Station we stopped by Covent Garden, and the living statue guys were back.  I'm not sure how this guy does his trick, but there is nothing visible holding him up.  He's very popular with the kiddies, though I must admit we were equally as amazed.

Looks like our request didn't go through for tomorrow, so we are trying again for Thursday.  On this trip we'll be going to Stratford-on-Avon (Shakespeare's home) and Oxford.  Today, however, while we were in Belgravia, we purchased tickets for a performance of Wicked this Friday night.

We took a different bus route back to the apartment, and it was detoured, so it terminated in Parliament square, which obliged us to hop on a different bus with a transfer in order for us to get back to the flat.  Rather than Leicester Square, this bus dropped us off near Chinatown.  So, we stopped and took a picture.

Hubby has gotten pretty efficient at getting us through the complicated layout of London.  So, we were back at the flat in no time, and tonight we're doing laundry.  Yeah, really exciting.  We think we've got the machine figured out (it has temperature dials and other numbered dials).  Hopefully, our clothes will come out in one piece.

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