Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 2 - What do you mean "You" didn't pack the pain relievers?

Our flat's front door
Well, I did pack Aleve, Tylenol, Ibuprofen and Aspirin, actually.  I just packed the small purse size I can take when we're out and about.  What I didn't pack was the large, unopened bottle of "Extra Strenth Tylenol" that hubby said he would pack.  When I informed him Britain actually has medicine now and that they've stopped using leeches for years, I got "the look."  So, I said we'd drop by a Boots and pick up a bottle.  That's when I was informed they don't sell "extra strength" in this country, only regular strength.  Okay I must admit I did not know that, but figured he could "double up."  When I suggested that as a viable alternative, he tersely informed me he would need to "triple up" to get anywhere near the same dosage.  Fine, 3 for 2.  It's not the end of the world.  However, I was careful to make sure I commiserated properly, then returned to what I was doing.

Still haven't gotten used to the time change, so to make sure my posts run when they're scheduled I'm keeping my computer on EDT time, and have moved my watch five hours forward to GMT.  That way I can get really confused. So, back in Ohio, it's 9:30 AM time now.  I was up around 8 AM.  Yay for me!  However, Londoners add another five hours to that, so it's close to 2:30 PM, and I haven't had "breakfast," yet.  I thought I heard hubby mucking about earlier (probably to swallow down a couple of those extra strength capsules before we have to get the leeches out), but he's back in bed now.  So, I'm going to slip into the 3x3 shower (see below), while I can, and think about getting dressed.  No promises, but I'm heading in that direction now.  I get to share the shower with the water heater.  At least I think that's what the big white box in the far corner of the stall is.  Will try to chat more when I return.  If I return..... Bwah haha.  (All I can think of right now is that shower scene in Psycho.)

Small, but serviceable - no tub.
I'm back.  That white box was the force and temperature regulator as well as the "on" button.  I've never seen a shower that has an on button before.  I have to say, that shower is a tight accommodation.  You know those scenes where the hero and heroine make love in the bathroom?  Not gonna happen in this one.  I don't think my toy French poodle and I could both fit in this particular shower.  Human-wise, it's a single person use only, and even that's a close call.

When we finally left the flat, we walked over to Covent Garden where we strolled about like tourists, listened to musicians, watched a juggler, and chose to eat some empanadas.  They are similar to pasties, which are meat and potatoes in a pie shell, but empanadas have more spices in them than the Cornwall Pasties I've had before.  I enjoyed mine, and it became dinner as well.

After our late lunch, we went searching for a Boots (pharmacy) so we could get hubby's Paracetamol (Acetaminophen).  And guess what?  They do sell it in 500 mg.  So, crisis averted.  However, and this surprised us, one individual can't purchase more than two boxes of 16 tablets or capsules each.  So, that means 32 pills is the maximum a person can purchase during one visit.  If another person accompanies you, they will allow you to purchase four, but they have to be separate purchases.

Once we bought an adequate supply of the analgesic, we stopped for a hard cider at a pub, then decided to ride a bus over to West Kensington, near the flat where we stayed in 2010 (and they still are working on the same construction they were doing then), looked about, then rode the bus back.  We live such exciting lives, but it was fun.  Below are some pictures of Covent Garden that we took today.

Entrance into Covent Garden

Thursday Food Market at Covent Garden
Well that's it for today.  Will check in again tomorrow.

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  1. My very first apartment had a shower like that, although mine was a temporary type, used as a permanent type. It was better than nothing, marginally.

    Sounds like you'll have to work to get the time zone problem solved. What is it they say? Get up at the local time and just be tired all day for two days, and then you'll be acclimated. Now, doesn't that sound like fun?

    Oh, the glamour of travel! Love your updates. Have a great time!