Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Travel Day, or "Honey, do you remember where we put the...?"

You can fill in the blank for the title.  The missing item can be everything from batteries to the portable umbrella, and the "we" usually translates as "I."

This is the day when we (both of us, really) second guess ourselves and discover we've missed something important.  Like that pocket-sized travel umbrella "we" put in a "safe location" so "we" wouldn't forget it.  Which reminds me, bumbershoot is how the family I nannied for (when I was a blushing twenty-year-old) referred to an umbrella.  I learned a lot of different words back then, like cot for crib, and push chair for stroller, and pram for baby carriage.  So, I'd take the baby in a push chair for a walk carrying my bumbershoot and wearing my mackintosh (raincoat).  Oh, and by the way, jelly is the British word for a gelatin dessert like Jello, so you really don't want jelly on your toast in the morning, and when they ask if you'd like a salad with your sandwich, they're referring to some lettuce, tomato and sometimes onion on the side, for your sandwich, not a tossed salad with dressing like we Yanks would expect.  Did I mention it's like learning another language?

However, I think the Brits have gotten used to the Yanks messing up their language, so if you do order the wrong thing they'll probably ask to make sure you understand what you're ordering.  They are amazingly patient with us, and friendly, too.  So, I'll update this later, once I get a picture to add.  Just wanted to jot off a quick note while "we" are off shopping for some forgotten items (one of which I confess is mine).  We hope to be able to relax in one of the airline lounges during our hour and half lay over in Chicago, so I might be able to take a picture there to share with everyone.

So, ta ta for now....  


  1. Oh lucky you. I hope you both have a very wonderful time.
    If jelly is really jello. How do you ask for jelly with your toast? I must have jelly with my toast.

    1. LA - below is a response from a Britisher.

      Jam is the word we use. Or marmalade, but that's usually just if it is made with oranges.
      And when it comes to the cranberry stuff you eat at thanksgiving, we call that cranberry sauce.
      Or if we are in an Indian restaurant, we call the mango stuff "Mango chutney".

      To us, the word "jelly" means what I think you guys call gelatin, stuff you buy in cubes or flakes and mix with hot water and when it cools down to become a wibbly-wobbly dessert.

      In addition, regarding orange juice and the pulp/no pulp controversy, the Brits call Orange Juice with pulp as "Orange Juice with Juicy Bits." Love it.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your stay, Kathryn! How fun :)

  3. A travelogue is a wonderful way to chronicle and share your adventures. Looking forward to that vicarious thrill of new discoveries and memories of other visits. Have a safe and happy trip, Kathryn!

  4. @LA Cloutier...I believe they call it jam...which makes me think of the old Polaner All Fruit commercial ;D