Monday, September 16, 2013

Packing Day - or "What do you mean no kitchen sink?"

How we packed in 2010

It may not look like much, but those suckers were heavy, and Londoners use stairs more than they do lifts or elevators.  We had to take rest breaks just to get from the tube to our flat.  Though the lady in the picture is smiling, she is not looking forward to lugging those items up 5 flights of stairs, I can tell you that.  Yup, definitely not.

It's early October, so the weather was a little chilly on that day, but sunny and bright.  If you're interested in seeing what that trip was like, visit my blog on The Virtual Tourist at

We are packing today, so not much to show yet, but should have some pictures tomorrow and Wednesday.

Wish us luck.

P.S. - We weighed our suitcases and they both came in at 48 lbs.  Limit is 50 lbs.  Phew.  We each have one suitcase, and one carry-on, and I have a personal item as well, as all ladies must.


  1. You have to do your 2013 packing picture when you're ready. Have a lovely lovely trip! I want to join.

  2. Have a safe trip! 48 lbs? But that only leaves you each 2 lbs to bring home souvenirs. I'd be layering on a lot of clothes for the return trip so I could fit in all my shopping!

  3. Yay! I can't wait to follow your experiences & adventures! Have fun & be safe!

  4. Oh, goodness. Yes, after years of travel experience I learned to minimize luggage. It's such a pain otherwise. Safe travels!

  5. I am proud and impressed that you each stayed under the 50# limit! Well done, you! (After all, I have seen you pack when there is no limit!!!! Good thing we had the van! And I include myself in that 'things I'm afraid to leave behind in case I might need them' group as you well know!)