Monday, September 23, 2013

Day 6 - To Market, To Market to buy what we can

Another late start today.  Hubby isn't doing too well.  I think he's still having trouble adjusting to the time change, but he thinks it might be something else.  Not sure.  Anyway, plan to take it easy.  We're off first to Marks & Spencer to see what they have to offer in the way of food stuffs.

Marks & Spencer Covent Garden
Well, their refrigerated/frozen food section is much larger than Tescos and they have a fairly extensive Indian food selection.  We saw a lot of Kellogg's products, but no General Mills.  Of course, M&S stocks many brand names that are well-known here, but are unknown in the USA.  Like Fairy dishwashing and laundry detergent.
Fairy Dishwashing Liquid
For laundry detergent you have to choose between bio and non-bio.  I thought it meant biodegradable, and wondered why anyone would purchase something that is labeled as being "bad" for the environment.  Turns out it means biological.  If you're curious, like I was, below is the explanation between the two.

Bio vs non-bio laundry detergent
The key difference between biological and non-biological washing powder is the presence of enzymes. Biological washing powders contain enzymes that help break down proteins, fat and starch. This helps remove stains such as chocolate or hamburger grease.

Biological washing powders containing enzymes (the 'biological' part of ordinary laundry liquids) are more effective than non-biological laundry liquids and powders.

Another difference in the stores here, vs the states, is that they store their bread goods, rolls, donuts, etc. out in the open.  They aren't wrapped in cellophane or protected in any way, however, most of their veggies are wrapped in packages and dated. Shopping is done on an almost daily basis, rather than once a week because places are smaller (including refrigerators) and most people carry their groceries home, so you only want to purchase what you can comfortably carry.

After we finished our shopping at Marks & Spencer, we returned to the flat and put away our stash.  Next we trotted out to Tesco and finished our shopping there.  We took a longer route home from Tesco that had us strolling by Covent Garden before we returned to the flat.  Daytime temperatures are in the low 70's or 19-20 centigrade.  Evening is in the mid-sixties and refreshing.

The Emmy Awards are on tonight, and though I'm tempted to watch them they don't start until 10 PM, which means it will be midnight or 1 AM before they are over.  Besides the winners have already been announced, so I'd be watching solely to hear the speeches and see the outfits.  However, I do want to see Neil Patrick Harris's opening number, so I'll start them at least.

We ate in tonight (I had a tray of Chili con Carne and rice we purchased at M&S and hubby had ham and cheese on a half-baguette). For a short day, we did manage to get a few things crossed off our todo list.  And to paraphrase Scarlett O'Hara "Tomorrow is another day we can get out and about town."

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